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We are always welcoming and open to having ministries, local pastors, or churches join EIM. If you would like to join our family please access our forms to the right and Contact Us to begin the conversation. 

The resources seen here are only permitted to be used with the permission of Ignite© the Nations International.

What Drives Us

Our Passion

Our passion is best expressed by the following: RelationshipHonourGenerosityEmpowerment, and Contending for the presence of God. We exist to connect like-minded fivefold ministers and ministries in Relationship building ministry to one another, by Honouring the mutual giftings and ministries of each member in a spirit of Generosity for building member capacity to reach the world around them with the full gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Passion


Welcome to the Family

We live unselfish, kind-hearted lives, graciously sharing our time, talents, and treasures with each other to support and fulfill God’s call and purpose, with strength, power, and honour. We are known by our open relationships, commitment to one another, and having hearts enjoined to fulfill the mission God gives us for the nations!