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Our Core Values

Our Code

Our Mission

Is fueled by a bold commitment to igniting the nations by the power of the spirit and fulfilling the great commission of the kingdom of God as the director of the work we engage with. We take God at His Word.

Our Focus

We refuse to hold to a small vision of our world and raise the bar to focus on nations completely transformed by the power and presence of God. Contending for His presence in all we do and say. We pray prayers of power by the Holy Spirit;

Seeing the impossible made possible, until every city, nation and continent are changed by the revelation of Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit! The nations are our focus. Our hearts are ablaze with anticipation of His kingdom declared in every nation.

Our Message

Our message is uncompromising and does not cater to a comfort focused faith and practice. Our discipleship is built on transforming into living an active life and ministry in His grace and power.

Our Vision

Our mind commits to daily renewal. Our call is global. Our task eternal.

Our Commitment

We live unselfish, kind-hearted lives, graciously sharing our time, talents and treasures with each other to support and fuflill God’s call and purpose, with strength, power and honour. We are known by our open relationships, commitment to one another, and having hearts enjoined to fulfill the mission God gives us for the nations!

We are healthy and focused ministers committed to living bigger, better and louder than we’ve lived before. Every member commits to a full engagement with Him, for Him and to Him. Heaven is open, filled by his presence. Healthy. Committed. Visionary.

We are naturally, supernatural; believing the unbelievable and receiving what the world sees as impossible as possible.